Secret Plans from the Skunk Works of Robert H. Starr

Ever wonder what it was like to build the Bumble Bee Planes? Well, now you can step inside the skunk works (garage) of the builder Bob Starr. We put together the skunk works Bumble Bee II build portal just for you. It provides an over the shoulder view of Mr. Starr building his little plane on video, plus a set of hand drawn exterior plans signed and dated by Mr. Starr back in 2005 and a 20 page booklet Flying the Story of My Life about his life and love of planes which began with a toy plane won at the Michigan state fair in 1930. Mr. Starr passed away back in 2009, but, per his wishes, all proceeds from the Bumble Bee II Build portal membership will be donated directly to our local Arizona Humane Society shelter in Sunnyslope, Arizona. So, if you are interested in getting access to the Bumble Bee Skunk Works portal, just make a donation to the Arizona Humane Society of $75 or more (see the link below), email us the receipt at and we’ll send you a private secured access link to the Bumble Bee Skunk Works Portal. Or, if you prefer, you can request membership access via our Contact form at the top of this page. We’ll send you a PayPal request for payment in the amount of $75. Then we will donate your funds to the Arizona Humane Society in Mr. Starr’s name.

Included with the Skunk works kit is Flying The Story of My Life. A 20 page booklet of flying memoirs written by Mr. Starr.

Shown is a hand drawn plan of the Bumble Bee II sketched and signed by Mr. Starr. It was used during the design phase of the Bumble Bee II. The 15 page booklet details the entire design and build process of the Bumble Bee II.

Shown below is Bob Starr building model airplanes in the garage at the age of 13 at his home in Mason, Michigan USA around 1937.