F-86 Formation flying over the LA Basin 1955

Flying the F-86 Sabre Jet & Chasing UFO’s

In 1954, I began flying in the California Air National Guard. We were flying the F-51-H and the F-86 Sabre Jet. While flying with the Air Guard in Southern California, I became aware that I could spend a year on active duty with the Air Defense Missions. Air Defense Missions controlled the radar stations on the islands off the coast of Southern California. They were responsible for monitoring any non-commercial air traffic in the area. I jumped at the chance to fly the speed of sound in the new F-86.

The thought of possibly sighting a UFO was exciting. Now, I had been a firm believer in UFOs since World War II and seriously hoped that I would get to see at least one. As luck would have it, one day two of us were scrambled to investigate a bogie that a radar station indicated was sitting static at about 50,000 ft. above Los Angeles. My wing man and I headed for it at full throttle going through 37,000 ft. We both had it in sight. It was a cigar shaped object with no visible means of propulsion. In a flash the UFO left us behind as if we were backing up. I had several experiences with chasing UFO’s during my time with the Guard on active duty. I’m now a firm believer that we are not the only intelligent life in this universe. To read more about Mr. Starr’s life go to Flying the Story of My Life.

Cigar Shaped UFO as seen by myself and my wingman while on a recon mission.
What an adrenaline rush flying the F-86 Sabre Jet. My wingman took this shot in 1955 on the flight line after a mission.
I joined the MACH BUSTERS Club (breaking the sound barrier) in 1955. The hours I spent flying the F-86 were some of the best flight time I was privileged to have done in my life.